Complaint Policy

Objective of this policy

In order to comply with the regulations of the Distribution of Financial Services and Products sector, we have implemented this complaints handling policy to ensure adequate follow-up of complaints received by Hypotheca Équipe Lupien. This policy aims to oversee the receipt and transmission of the complaint file to the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF).


Complaints Officer

The person in charge of the application of this policy, Simon Lupien, chief executive officer of the firm, acts as a respondent to the AMF. He ensures that staff are trained, that they are made aware of this matter and that they are responsible for providing them with all the information necessary to comply with the company's complaints handling policy.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Send an acknowledgment of receipt to the complainant
  • Send him the opinions
  • Send the complaint file to the AMF
  • Keep an up-to-date register of complaints 
  • Send an annual complaint report to the AMF

Definition of a complaint

Here are the different elements that constitute a complaint for the purposes of this policy: 

  • A complaint against Hypotheca Équipe Lupien or a member of its team
  • A prejudice that a consumer would have suffered
  • The claim for corrective action

The complaint must also contain the following elements:

  • A text mentioning the subject of the complaint
  • The name of the mortgage broker or lender involved
  • The reasons and consequences of this complaint
  • Contact details of the complainant

To be admissible, a complaint must be made in writing, by the complainant, either by using the form below or by sending the complaint by mail to the following address:

200-188 chemin Saint-Francois-Xavier Delson, QC J5B 1X9

Write the complaint

Delay of treatment

Following receipt of the complaint, our manager will contact you within 10 working days. If the complainant is, however, dissatisfied with the handling of his complaint or the outcome thereof, he may request that his case be examined by the AMF, which will then take charge of the case and may advise consolidation or mediation.