Perfect house, perfect neighborhood

After so much research, visits and reflections, you have found a real gem that meets all your expectations. You can see yourself there already. And everything is in order in this perfect house.

And the neighbour criteria

If the Russian proverb "Don't buy the house, but buy the neighbor" we meet on guard, who bother to meet the people opposite and next door before buying? This simple initiative, although harmless, can still be very revealing.

Stories of barking dogs, litter piling up, weeds spreading right through your house, noxious tree AND NOISE!

In the long term, such situations will undermine your well-being and your quality of daily life. All of a sudden, when you leave your home, you share a common environment with your neighbors and cannot extract them from your haven of peace. The fences cannot be more than 6 feet and despite everything, the sound and the smells travel between its meshes …

Before making a decision

Apply the same effort a searching for your ideal property,as a demanding and disruptive neighborhood can drastically take away the charm of your find.

  • So get out! Meet the neighbours to learn more about the neighborhood, but also about its residents!
  • Take a tour to find out about the maturity of the neighborhood.
  • Listen to the surroundings (highway, factory, etc.).
  • Go out and explore what's around (grocerie, school, park, etc.)

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