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The services of mortgage brokers are free. Mortgage lenders pay our mortgage firm directly for each mortgage financed. 

The mortgage broker is a financing specialist unlike the bank advisor who is more of a generalist. The broker does not work for a specific lender. He therefore has access to more options and can objectively offer products according to the needs of each customer. A bank employee can only offer the products of his employer. 

The role of a mortgage broker is to build a long-term relationship of trust with his clients so as to become the key advisor for any question or project in the future, unlike the banking advisor employed by a financial institution who rarely stays for long in office.

There is not just one rate available. The reality is that the rates vary depending on the nature of the project and the transaction. The amounts borrowed, the amortization, the type of transaction, the credit rating, the duration of the guarantee, the location, among others, are elements that influence the rates. 

Getting mortgage financing is so much more than an interest rate. This is often the biggest expense of a lifetime and is usually only renewed after 5 years. It is therefore vital to take the time to think, analyze and plan. It is this exercise that makes it possible to define the needs and set up the loan that will meet them. This is how we can plan investments, works, reimbursements, financial and budgetary organization, etc. And it is this personalized strategy that will save money!

First, it is not the broker who decides, it is up to the client to choose among the options presented by the broker. This aims to understand the needs and projects of each client and therefore looks for the possibilities for each file. No lender can be great at everything, and that's why having more than one lender gives you more solutions.

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