About us

Our history

Founded by two brothers in 2008 under the banner of Hypotheca, our firm is made up of talented, endearing and determined professionals who have joined us bringing background, experience and passion. Different from the solitary broker model, our brokers are backed by a strong team that assists and supports them. Teamwork is fundamental to us, since our beginnings and forever.

Our vision

We exist to save our clients money and give them the best financing experience of their lives. Because getting a mortgage from a broker is quite different from getting a loan from a lender. We start by getting to know our clients, understanding their needs, their situation, their objectives, their debt management, etc. Everything that revolves around their long-term financial health. And this is how we can establish a strategy to save our customers big money or achieve their projects.

Who are we?

A specialized team that provides consulting services. We provide the bridge between you and the various financial institutions and our knowledge is at your disposal to give you an immediate advantage. Our role is to establish a personalized mortgage strategy based on your needs, your projects and your dreams. Book an appointment now!

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